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Solid state high-technology control solutions have been used in manufacturing processes, water
treatment, wastewater treatment and similar industrial applications since the days of the first solid state
chip. As computers became faster, a handful of firms nationwide offered jails and prisons an
electronic security control and monitoring solution. None offered potential clients a
solution, thus any client who purchased an electronic security system for a correctional facility was
married to the firm that sold it. Furthermore, it was rare for one of these electronic security firms to
perform the installation of the system, thus the general contractor or owner had to subcontract the
installation work to local electricians and technicians.

Two decades ago, ESITECH was born, offering correctional facilities a different concept. We used off the-shelf
software and hardware that anyone could purchase, and then designed and programmed an
electronic security control solution to provide non-proprietary
systems integration specifically for
detention facility control and monitoring. Our engineers custom-design and custom-program the entire
control solution, paying particular attention to the installation aspects of the proposed solution, and
then after all in-house testing is performed, our technicians and electricians install the system in the
field. Indeed, our name is an acronym derived from this concept:
Engineered Systems and Installation TECHnologies, or simply ESITECH.

We utilize the most technologically advanced software, equipment, programming and installation
techniques to provide a fully integrated and automated electronic security control solution with
redundant features.

Let’s define the bolded words above:

- Non-proprietary: We utilize the most quality, name-brand equipment (to name a few, G.E.,
Hoffman, Vicon, Phoenix, Liebertů.all are traded on various stock exchanges) that is available
to anyone on the Internet. Our software solution is Wonderware, which is the most widely
used industrial control software on the planet (used by names such as DuPont, Philip Morris,
and Firestone). The owner can (and sometimes does) get other firms to work on our installed
system, which would be completely impossible if ours was a proprietary system.

- Systems Integration is the science of mating numerous independent systems, interacting so
they react to each other and seemingly “talk” to each other. It is like a bunch of individual
fingers programmed to work together. Each finger can and does act separately, but working
together they form a mighty fist of security.

- ESITECH believes that security systems should be Integrated, Automated, and Redundant:

a. Integration: Systems react to one another through programming, which reduces
operational failures, increases safety, and minimizes operator error.

b. Automation: Utilizing system-specific programming techniques, we can make a facility
secure through automation, which reduces operating costs, improves speed and efficiency,
promotes safety, and defines standards. Examples: Documentation of “who, when, where”
can be recorded to the hard drive; intercoms activate cameras and display the caller on the
spot monitor so the operator can assess the situation (by seeing and speaking with the
person) before opening a door; cameras on both sides of a door can be displayed before a
door is unlocked to make certain it is safe to open; before a group of doors are unlocked, a
pop-up says “Are you sure?”

c. Redundancy: All good security is redundant, relying upon “back-up” or options in
maintaining safety standards. (Example: A burglar defeats your window alarm switch, but
he didn’t realize that the motion detector in the ceiling also watched the window). Through
redundant programming, systems are checked and rechecked. For instance, if you lost
power, the UPS would keep the security system operational until the emergency generator
energized. But what if it didn’t start and the UPS starts to drain down? A “red alert” notice
will pop up and tell you that you have four minutes to save all data. Thus, the emergency
generator is Virginia Power’s back-up, and the UPS is the generator’s back-up, and our
Touchscreen displays the UPS’s lifespan.

ESITECH is comprised of five intertwined teams involved in the development of a project.
Hardware Engineering & Selection, Software Engineering & Programming, Installation Design,
Equipment Production in our custom Panel Shop, and Field Installation provided by Technicians
and Electricians. Each has a special function within the organization, but they blend together to
provide design, engineering, and installation to the client’s benefit.

Our engineers and designers develop the project plans (in AutoCAD) of the controls, specifying how
they fit in to the architectural scheme of the building. Our technicians build the control panels in our
panel shop. Our electricians install apparatus in the field. And our hardware and software engineers
provide equipment design and computer programming to totally automate, monitor, and control a
myriad of electronic security applications.

Our employees are licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice (#11-2612).

ESITECH is a dealer for many types of components used, and we blend CCTV, intercommunication,
paging systems, duress systems, door control, Touchscreen computers, card access controls, graphic
panels, perimeter (fence) detectors and monitors, intrusion detection systems, and similar technology
into integrated, automated, and redundant computerized systems that monitor and control the
movements of people through a facility. We have focused on projects in the Correctional Facility
arena since inception almost two decades ago, and we have been contracted for projects that ranged
from $5,000 to over $5,000,000.

Our mission statement sums up our commitment to this specialized but important aspect of
construction for the correctional industry.

ESITECH, Inc. is a multifaceted firm that utilizes state-of-the-art electronic technology, blended
with superior electrical installation methodologies, to provide Automation, Processing,
Monitoring, and Control of Product, People, or Resources. The firm is comprised of engineers,
technicians, and electricians operating as one unit - a team - and is totally committed to the
company’s mantra of exceptional electronic design, quality installations, and total customer

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