Our Services Include:
In order for the reader to garner an understanding of the technical capabilities of
ESITECH and the types of electrical & security construction we have successfully performed
many times in the past using our own forces, the following list details our areas of
expertise in DETENTION FACILITY CONTROL (Systems Integration). We are
most competitive when we can blend hardware, software, engineering, and
installation together. We focus our efforts daily on the implementation and
installation of the following types of electrical and electronic construction:

(Please note that all the items in the partial listing below are
available on a Design-Build basis or the standard Plan & Spec basis)

* Touchscreen Computer Control
* Graphic Control Panels and Systems
* PLC Control
* Programming
* SCADA Systems
* Data Cabling and Testing
* Data Networks
* Standard Relay Logic Controls
* Control Panels
* Systems Integration
* Communication
* Automated Temperature Controls
* Material Handling Controls
* Closed Circuit Television
* Intercommunication
* Duress and Man-down Systems, Button activation or Wireless, RF and Infrared
* Video Recording and Archiving
* Fiber Optic Cabling, Transmission, and Controls
* Door Control
* Card Access Systems
* Telemetry Systems (Radio and Telephone)
* Air and Water (fresh and waste) Controls (Pressure Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, Level
Transmitters, all associated controls).
* Loop Controls
* Alarm Systems
* Perimeter (Fence) Detection with vibration sensors and Microwave sensors
* Paging Systems
* All design, electronic engineering, hardware, panel shop activities, programming, and all of
the normal “electrician-type” installation work to make the above systems and equipment
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